Accommodation Regulations

These Accommodation Regulations are applicable to all guests (hereinafter referred to as "Guest") using accommodation and other related services of LAGUNA HOTEL & RESTAURANT, operated by Hotel Luňáček s.r.o, Novohradská 1682, České Budějovice, 370 08, Company Reg. No.: 10876693, VAT Reg. No.: CZ 10876693, File No.: C 31056, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in České Budějovice (hereinafter referred to as "Hotel") and forms an integral part of the accommodation contract, or other similar contract (hereinafter referred to as "Contract") concluded between the Hotel and the Guest. Persons staying at the Hotel together with the Guest, whose accommodation or stay has been reported to the Hotel, shall also be deemed as Guest.

The Hotel shall provide accommodation and, where applicable, other related services to Guests within the scope and terms specified in the Contract and in accordance with the conditions set out in the Contract, as well as the terms and conditions contained in these Accommodation Regulations. In the event of a conflict between Accommodation Regulations and Contract, the provisions contained in the Contract shall prevail.

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Hotel reserves the right to close its accommodation facilities and, if possible, arrange adequate alternative accommodation for the Guest.

The Hotel is only entitled to accommodate a duly registered Guest. Immediately upon arrival at the Hotel, the Guest shall present a valid ID card or passport (or other valid identification) to the appropriate Hotel staff member - receptionist.

According to Section 103(b) of Act No. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic and on amendments to certain acts, as amended, the Guest - foreigner is obliged to present the Hotel with a travel document, a residence permit, a certificate of temporary residence in the territory, a residence card of a family member of a citizen of the European Union, a residence permit for foreigners or a permanent residence permit and to personally fill in and sign the registration form according to Section 97 of Act No. 326/1999 Coll, or sign a document containing data within the scope of the registration form. The obligation to personally fill in and sign the registration form or a document containing data within the scope of the registration form does not apply to foreign Guests under the age of 15.

In accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as "GDPR"), the Hotel, as a personal data controller, is entitled to process the Guest's personal data to the extent indicated on the [so-called registration card], for the purpose of fulfilling the accommodation contract.

Once the Guest has been identified by the relevant Hotel employee and has checked in, the Guest will receive a key to the room and the Hotel. Only the Guest(s) shall have access to the Guest's room from that moment on. Access to the Guest's room by the Hotel staff is limited to the extent necessary for the proper performance of the accommodation conditions agreed in the Contract (cleaning, necessary maintenance, repair of emergency conditions, etc.). To ensure the Guest's maximum privacy, it is possible to limit the access of the Hotel staff to the Guest's room upon request or to use a Do Not Disturb card by posting it on the room handle.

The Guest is not entitled to allow third parties to use the room. All equipment and facilities in the room are for the Guest's use only. The Guest is not entitled to allow strangers into the Hotel.

The Hotel guarantees the Guest services of a quality corresponding to the Hotel's level and within the scope and under the conditions set out in the Contract and Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.

Accommodation of the Guest on the day of arrival is possible at the earliest from 3:00 pm. The Guest is obliged to vacate the room on the last day of accommodation and hand over the key no later than 11:00 am. If the Guest does not vacate the room occupied by him/her on the last day of accommodation and does not hand over the key at the specified time, the Hotel is entitled to charge the Guest for the following day. In this case, the Hotel shall also be entitled to compensation for damages incurred by the Guest in connection with the delay in handing over the room, including the costs of accommodation of the Guest who should have occupied the room which the Guest did not vacate at the appointed time, including the right to vacate the Guest's belongings from the room and store them in a safe place to vacate the room for the Guest who has booked it for the next stay.

If the Guest fails to arrive at the accommodation by 7:00 pm on the first day of accommodation and fails to agree individually with the Hotel (by phone or email) on the further reservation of the room within this period, the Hotel is not obliged to further reserve the room for the Guest.

The Guest is obliged to pay for the accommodation and other related services the price determined in accordance with the current Hotel's price list. The Hotel is entitled to require the Guest to pay for the accommodation and other related services in advance.

Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

All rooms and indoor areas of the Hotel are non-smoking. For this reason, all indoor areas of the Hotel are strictly prohibited from smoking and handling open flames. Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas.

Dogs, cats and other animals are strictly prohibited in the Hotel.

No furniture may be moved, or any alterations or repairs may be made to the rooms or other areas of the Hotel without the prior consent of the Hotel. It is also not allowed to interfere with the electrical network or other installations in the rooms and other areas of the Hotel. Guests are also not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the rooms and other areas of the Hotel, except for electrical devices used for personal hygiene (shavers, massagers, hairdryers, etc.) or common charging tools for personal computers, mobile phones, cameras, etc.

When leaving the room, the Guest is obliged to close all windows and water taps in the room, turn off all electrical devices, turn off the lights and lock the room.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10 without adult supervision in the rooms and other areas of the Hotel.

Guests are required to report to the Hotel any severe accidents or injuries caused to themselves on the Hotel premises. In the event of injury or illness of the Guest, the Hotel will assist the Guest in obtaining medical assistance or transport to a hospital. All medical treatment is at the Guest's own expense. Only Guests who are not germ-carriers or who are not affected by infectious or parasitic diseases, or who have not been ordered to undergo increased medical surveillance or quarantine are permitted to use the Hotel's accommodation facilities.

The Guest shall be liable for any damage caused to the Hotel by the Guest to the extent permitted by applicable law. The Guest shall report to the Hotel all damages and defects occurring to the Hotel's property immediately upon discovery.

The Hotel is liable for damages caused to the Guest's property in accordance with Section 2946 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll. The Guest is obliged to store all jewellery, money and other valuables in the safe in the room, which is the area reserved for the storage of valuables. Other valuables include securities, watches, mobile phones, computers, and similar devices. The Hotel is liable for jewellery, money and other valuables without limitation only if they have been taken into custody by the Hotel or if the actions of the Hotel staff caused damage to them. The right to compensation must be asserted against the Hotel immediately after the Guest has become aware of the damage.

The Guest is obliged to comply with the rules of decent behaviour in the Hotel premises, not to bother other Guests and the Hotel staff with inappropriate behaviour, to observe the night quiet hours (from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am), not to consume alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances in the common areas of the Hotel (except in designated places - the restaurant or the Hotel bar, etc.) and not to damage the Hotel's facilities and equipment. When using electrical equipment, television and other appliances, the Guest is obliged to exercise particular caution and pay special attention to their use. Violation of any of these obligations, including those outlined in these Accommodation Regulations, shall be deemed a breach of the Contract in a material way leading to immediate termination of the Guest's stay without refund. In such case, the Hotel shall have the right to charge the Guest the rate for the entire agreed length of stay and the Guest shall be obliged to leave the room immediately and hand over the room key. This does not exclude the Hotel's right to compensation for damages incurred by the Guest in connection with the Guest's actions.

The Hotel management and staff wish all Guests a pleasant stay and welcome any suggestions from Guests to improve the Hotel's operation and services.

These Accommodation Regulations are drawn up in Czech and English language versions. In the event of a conflict between the language versions, the Czech version shall prevail.

These Hotel Accommodation Regulations are effective as of 1 July 2021.